+ Barrières mobiles
Recorded in Paris. Booklet+CD. 2nd pressing. Edition Swarming - Collection Paris
+ Supersédure 2
Recorded with Seijiro Murayama. Published by Swarming - Collection Paris
+ Parazoan mapping 2
with taku Unami. Recorded in Tokyo 2019. Published by Kindling editions (Australia)
+ Parking
Site specific music with Jean-Luc Guionnet, Philip Samartzis, and Dan Warburton. CD Swarming
+ N’importe Quoi part 2
by Luke Fowler / Brunhild Ferrari. Sound recordings

A grammar for listening part 2
Original mono and new stereo soundtrack. LP edition. June
(work in progress)
New work With Marc Baron from recordings made in a film restoration company
(work in progress)
New work with Philip Samartzis, Melbourne
AIR.ratio 3 : A Casa
New multichannel work for Scala. Tabakalera centre (Donostia) 2025
First collaboration with Jérôme Noetinger. CD Erstwhile NY
Score for Yan Jun's CD project

- Les Barrières Mobiles
- Patience sauvage
- Les persistances
- Swarming Radio on Bandcamp
- working with place, UNLIKELY

- Vadi Sound Talks

- Field Work as a creative process
- Marchés markets
- AIR.ratio 2

With Tarek Atoui
+ Waters'witness - Sydney
- Waters’witness - Beirut

- Waters'witness - Paris
- Waters'witness #02 interview
- Waters'witness #02 interview (reprint)
- Maisons Sonores 2 - The New Atlantis

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