January 4th : Im Wald, broadcasted by JET-fm, Nantes - http://www.jetfm.asso.fr/site/Histoires-d-ondes-jeudi-4-janvier.html
January - June "L'inaudible" radio project for France Culture - Creation On Air. Work in progress
January... "Transitional spaces" new studio work with Eamon Sprod. Work in progress
March 11-16 I/E project Singapour, 4 days recordings in the port
March 18-22 HOME Marseille. Recordings

HOME (Marseille - GMEM /// Lille - Muzzix), Chantier 3 / 4 (video // CD), I/E project (with Tarek Atoui)



transitional spaces

Transitional spaces

chantier 3

CD Chantier 4

cern cms

mesurer, se mesurer

paris quotidien

Paris Quotidien CD

Home Albi - video

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