during the past months
+ Les Persistances installation
+ Swarming Radio on Bandcamp
+ Intérieurs CD
+ Installations CD
+ Everyday Unknown 3
+ Une pause, au Japon
+ Collection PARIS : the listening channel

+ Pauses, au Japon
Video (43:18 minutes). Support by the National Center for Arts 2019
+ L'océan ne se passe pas
New free podcast on Swarming radio

+ Workshop
With Thomas Tilly. In a primary school. Production Les Instants Chavirès

à suivre... next
+ I/e Istanbul
New work with Tarek Atoui for the biennale of Istanbul
+ La quête du silence
Interview with Julien Guéraud for his documentary (Ushuaïa TV)
+ Workshop
Solo. Production : GMEA (Albi)
+ Unanswered Telephone
In competiton at Annecy festival

+ Barrières
Recorded in Paris. Sound work and video
+ Everyday unknown 4
New solo composition
+ Parazoan Mapping 2
with taku Unami. Recorded in Tokyo's bay and Nakano studio (Japan)
+ Corridors
Site specific recordings in Paris with Seijiro Murayama
+ New Soundtrack
for Christian Jaccard's art video

+ Swarming radio 2
Saison/season 2 (from September 2021)