In Progress or made
in 2018

+ Transitional spaces new studio work with Eamon Sprod
+ Metro Pré Saint-Gervais new edition CD by Swarming
+ Air.ratio_이세은 by Lee Seunn, video, at EXIS(EXPERIMENTAL FILM & VIDEO FESTIVAL SEOUL)
+ Archive - Catalogue on BandCamp
+ L'Inaudible for Creation On Air - France Culture
+ I/E Porto 5 days recordings and a concert in Serralves park (with Tarek Atoui...)
+ I/E Singapore, 7 days recordings in the bay
+ I/E Singapore at NTU-Center for Contemporary Art Singapore
during The Ground: From the Land to the Sea by Tarek Atoui
+ HOME Marseille. Festival Les Musiques (GMEM)
+ HOME Marseille audio and video mixing. Available on YOUTube
+ Chantier 4 CD (available on Swarming)
+ Chantier 3 video - during Rencontres Internationales Paris-Berlin
+ Remanence, 2002, broadcasted on JET-fm Nantes