+ Les Persistances
Installation - Produced by Espace Gantner and Maison de l'Environnement Malsaucy
+ Paris Quotidien
2nd edition (with new booklet of 60 pages). Published by Swarming
+ Talking Knots
A video by Chiwei Lin. Sound post production. Screening at NTMOFA, Taipei, Taiwan
+ La Quête du Silence
A video documentary by Julien Guéraud. Broadcasted by Ushuaïa TV
+ Inscape
Live performances with Jean-Luc Guionnet (2003-2014). Swarming Radio Season 3
+ Parazoan Mapping 2
with taku Unami. Recorded in Tokyo (Japan) 2019. Mixings. Work in progress
+ Les barrières mobiles
A radio documentary for RTS (Switzerland) and RTBF (Belgium).Details soon

La ville métal
Recorded in Paris. Sound work and video
Score for Yan Jun's CD project
Small/Simple Gestures
With Olivia Block and Seijiro Murayama
Parking 2
Site specific project with Jean-Luc Guionnet, Philip Samartzis, and Dan Warburton
Work in progress
With Marc Baron
One recording for the new project : Astrology, Ecology, Non-Musicology

- Swarming Radio on Bandcamp
- Everyday Unknown 4&5 CD
- Une pause, au Japon (radio)
- the listening channel
- working with place, UNLIKELY
- documentary La quête du silence
- L'expérience du terrain
- Waters’ Witness — Beirut

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September 2022