+ Les Persistances
Installation - Produced by Espace Gantner and Maison de l'Environnement Malsaucy
+ Paris Quotidien
2nd edition (with new booklet of 60 pages). Published by Swarming
+ Inscape
Live performances with Jean-Luc Guionnet (2003-2014). Swarming Radio Season 3
+ Parazoan Mapping 2
with taku Unami. Recorded in Tokyo (Japan) 2019. Mixings. Work in progress
+ Small/Simple Gestures
Recorded with Seijiro Murayama. A project with Olivia Block. Work in progress
+ Les barrières mobiles
A radio documentary for RTS (Switzerland) and RTBF (Belgium). Work in progress

La ville métal
Recorded in Paris. Sound work and video
Interview by Tarek Atoui for Water Witness 02. Published by Mudam Museum
Score for Yan Jun's CD project
I/E Sydney
One week recording in Sydney's ports with Tarek Atoui
Parking 2
Site specific project with Jean-Luc Guionnet, Philip Samartzis, and Dan Warburton
Work in progress
With Marc Baron
One recording for the new project : Astrology, Ecology, Non-Musicology

- Swarming Radio on Bandcamp
- Everyday Unknown 4&5 CD
- Une pause, au Japon (radio)
- working with place, UNLIKELY
- documentary La quête du silence
- L'expérience du terrain
- Waters’ Witness — Beirut

- Talking Knots

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November 2022