+ Interview
by Clément Lebrun. France Musique - Le cri du patchwork
+ Contre toute attente
New studio work. Commissioned by Francisco Lopez for Reina Sofia museum (Madrid).
+ Friche : transition
new studio work with Eamon Sprod. Recordings made in Paris. CD. Swarming Editions
+ Les Persistances
First contacts ...
+ Hose : the old ones
Recordings. 2LP. Published by Headz (Japan) / Unknownmix 47

In Progress

+ Captured Space
Stereo version with Philip Samartzis. Published by Cronica (Portugal)
+ Les Persistances
New installation. With Thomas Tilly. Commissioned by Espace Gantner for Malsaucy (Belfort)
+ Removing
A choregraphy by Noé Soulier at Toga Mura festival (Japan)
+ Résonances
Site specific recordings with Seijiro Murayama
+ Parking 2019
New recording in Paris. With Jean-Luc Guionnet, Dan Warburton, and Philp Samartzis
+ Le seuil (maison/jardin)
Video with Michaele-Andréa Schatt
+ Installations
Stereo versions for a CD. 4 projects in Paris. Swarming Editions