+ Captured Space
Stereo version with Philip Samartzis. Published by Cronica (Portugal) on tape and Bandcamp
+ Les Persistances
+ Everyday Unknown 1 and 2
new mix
+ Installations.Paris CD
Editings and mixings
Editings and mixings

+ Les Persistances
Editings and mixings
+ 7 lines
Recording sessions with Gamut Kollektiv in Zurich, and studio mix in Paris. A composition by Lotus Eddé Khouri
+Les Persistances
+ 7 lines
Studio mix. A composition by Lotus Eddé Khouri
Final mixings

In Progress

+ Les Persistances
Sound Installation (with Soundways app). Commissioned by Espace Gantner for Malsaucy (Belfort)
+ I/E Marseille
Recordings in the ports and concert with Tarek Atoui at Mucem during Les Musiques festival GMEM
+ Contre toute attente
in the exhibition "AUDIOSPHERE : Social Experimental Audio, Pre- and Post-Internet". Commissioned by Francisco Lopez for Reina Sofia museum (Madrid). May 27-September 21
+ Workshop
2 days in Albi. Field recordings? at the GMEA. June 13/14

+ Une pause, au Japon
Interviews (sound artists/musicians in Tokyo, Kyoto...). Support by the National Center for Arts 2019
+ Installations.Paris CD
4 projects in Paris. CD. Collection Paris. Swarming Editions
+ Intérieurs CD
3 compositions. CD. Collection Paris. Swarming Editions
+ Parazoan Mapping 2
with taku Unami. Recorded in Tokyo's bay and Nakano studio (Japan)
+ New video
Soundtrack for Christian Jaccard's art video
+ Corridors
Site specific recordings in Paris with Seijiro Murayama