Tarek Atoui Projects


I/E project



2019 - Ashkal Alwan Home Works 8 : A Forum on Cultural Practices.

One week recordings
in Beirut

With Tarek Atoui, and a group of the students from the School for the Deaf  and Communication Disorders at the Orphan Welfare Society in Saida, Lebanon




2018 - Serralves Museum,

One week recordings
in Porto
a live performance in Serralves Park
With Tarek Atoui, Alexander Guirkinger, and Sonoscopia (G. Costa, H. Fernandes, and A. Lopes)




2018 - NTU Centre for Contemporary Art,

One week recordings
in Singapore ports,
For Tarek Atoui "The Ground: From the Land to the Sea" exhibition

Abu Dhabi

abu dhabi

2017 - Durub Al-Tawaya 5, Abu Dhabi Art’s performing arts

One we
ek recordings in Abu Dhabi ports,
a live performance at Mina fish market
With Tarek Atoui, Alexander Guirkinger, Mazen Kerbaj

PORTFOLIO by Alexandre Guirkinger


From Architecture


2015 - Foundation Louis Vuitton, Paris

Live performances
(with Tarek Atoui's instrument)
With Tarek Atoui and musicians (Uriel Barthélémi, Hélène Breschand, Gaspar Claus, Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Susie Ibarra, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, Eve Risser)


2014 - Foundation Louis Vuitton, Paris

One week recordings into the foundation (before its opening),
a live performance
With Tarek Atoui, Fred Nogray, Stephane Rives and Chris Watson

images From Architecture © Tarek Atoui – Photo Fondation Louis Vuitton / Alexandre Guirkinger


- galerie Chantal Crousel

published in October 2019