ERIC LA CASA Intérieurs (CD by Swarming)

I continue to be astounded by the work of sound artist Eric La Casa, whose latest album "Interiuers" (Interiors) on the Swarming label is an investigation into spaces that he regularly interacts with. How he achieves these recordings is through capturing the sounds of each interior space, from the sparse ambiance to the generally ignored and even imperceptible sounds that can be heard if one pays attention. These might include the sounds of ventilation, distant machinery, exterior sounds that bleed through the glass, the hum from a light bulb, extraneous sounds from a toilet, the sound emanationg from a piece of furniture, &c. .
With impeccable and pristine technique in his recording, La Casa organizes them into remarkably dramatic sound works. If you did not know the sources for each sound you would rightly consider these to be profound acousmatic compositiosn. But knowing the sources and kinds of sounds that he works with adds to the wonder of each work, invoking a sense of mystery in the very room you might be sitting in as you read this review.
La Casa explains that he spends more time inside than out, which is the impetus for his fascination and creation of these pieces. The three locations he chose for these compositions are La Casa's own apartment in Paris; at the workshop of Michaél-Andréa Schatt in Montreuil; and at the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris. Each brings its own unique characteristics, informing the character and momentum of each composition. The results are exemplary, on par with the work of Bayle, Ferrari, or Parmegiani in creating captivating works that contain compelling and even thrilling moments in sound.

A stunning exploration of interior architecture through recordings of the elements of three spaces including La Casa's own apartment, finding micro and macro-scopic sound in common elements that he uses to create fascinating compositions reflecting both the captivating fullness and stillness of each space, as the composer questions his relationship with each space.

Phil, SquidCo Blog, July 2020 -