H O U S E [ the tipping point ]

A site specific sound installation for Tramway (Glasgow), presented between May 13th and 16th

commissioned by Arika for the Uninstall festival 2010

These recordings are un-edited, one-shot subjective sonic portraits of four houses, their inhabitants and their relationship through sound. Jean-Luc and Eric did a project called Maison much like this in France quite a few years ago. In France they recorded the sound of a saxophone in each room, and after the recording was finishedn, conducted separate interviews, often over dinner. In Glasgow, they have tried to put much more control in the hands of the residents : the process is a recording and an interview at the same time, and instead of an instrument, the only sound introduced into the house was the residents own favourite music. Barry Esson from Arika

House 1 Lisa, in The Decks. Recorded on Sunday 9th of May. Music played : Blue Monday by New Order

House 2 Tim, near Queen’s Park. Recorded on Monday 10th of May. Music played : Baila Querida by Tango Crash

House 3 Zoë, in Woodlands. Recorded on Tuesday 11th of May. Music played : BBC Radio 3

House 4 Sylvia, in the West End. Recorded on Wednesday 12th of May. Music played : Joan Baez









HOUSE [ the tipping point ] INTERPRETATION

liveversion November 14th 2010

commissioned by Arika for the Install festival 2010